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Getting Started - Starting A "Personal" Site

I have always thought of creating a personal site but have never found the right motivation to get started. After sitting myself down and reflecting on the areas in which I would hope to achieve progress, I decided that... It is finally time for me to get into action and figure out this aspect of personal development.

Finding a complying purpose behind an intended action is the best way to gain motivation. As Simon Sinek famously mentioned, always "Start with why" and "Find your why". One of the key motivation for creating this personal site + blog is to document and share my thought journey with an audience. Though I have yet to figure out "who" exactly this group(s) of audience might be, I have decided to not overthink and just do it. More often than not, we let our perfectionistic nature get the better of us and stop us from putting ourselves out there. This is one key lesson that I have learned from my experience dabbling with entrepreneurship.

Hopefully through this website, I will:

  • improve my writing skills

  • gain greater clarity in my thoughts

  • (we always do when we challenge ourselves to express what we are thinking in writing)

  • help someone somehow (by gaining a new perspective/inspiration)

  • and eventually, build a community (where we can all explore opportunities with)!

As such, you can tell that while this is a PERSONAL site, it is only as personal as having myself as the content creator. I hope that this would become a place where everyone can interact and take something away from. Also, as written above, since one of my goals is to improve myself, I would love to hear your feedback too! So do always drop your kind feedback and opinions in the comments should you have any.

With that said, I have set a target of posting at least once weekly. Wise women and men say that providing accountability is one of the best ways to form new habits so here is my declaration. Just logged in a recurring calendar reminder on each Sunday morning and let's see how this goes!

If you too have been undecided on taking action for something, join me on this journey of getting started:

  1. Find your whys (for you and others)

  2. Don't be perfectionistic and just do it

  3. Declare your intentions and make yourself accountable

  4. Schedule recurring appointment with yourself to "just show up"

Good luck to us and let's do this!

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