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The extra joys in life

Initially, I thought that my hobbies were rather diverse, but recently, I have learned that I enjoy creating things! These things range from tangible objects (e.g. artwork) to more abstract things like memories and experiences.

Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 10.07.43 AM.png


Traditional paint on canvas would be ideal, but digital art became the medium of choice due to the costly maintenance of art materials.
In particular, I enjoy calligraphy and concept design!


While I don't read as many books as I wish to, I enjoy browsing self-improvement materials (e.g. blog posts, book summaries) and pondering about the contents.

I love the feeling of making progress in self-development and ultimately becoming a better person.

So much so that my favourite book made it into a photoshoot



I can't seem to find another way to put this but just exploring little gestures that can help make this world a better place, even if the impacts are ever so slight.

Some trivial acts include spreading joy through art (with my wife, see image) and stepping up on recycling at home.

And of course, these will also include my passion projects (see My Work).

My Hobbies: My Work
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